How Should I Sleep With A Broken Hand?

Dealing with a broken hand can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. At Mirza Orthopedics, we understand the importance of proper rest during healing. Here we’ll share valuable insights on how to sleep comfortably with a broken hand, drawing on the expertise of the best orthopedic on Long Island. Facing a broken wrist is an all-too-common challenge, involving fractures in the arm’s bones (specifically the distal radius and ulna) or the carpal bones that make up the wrist joint. Frequently, these injuries occur when individuals instinctively attempt to cushion a fall, leading to painful consequences. Here at Mirza Orthopedics, renowned as the best orthopedic on Long Island, we grasp the hurdles a broken hand presents and emphasize the pivotal role of quality sleep during recovery.

Elevate and Support:Best Orthopedic On Long Island

When dealing with a broken hand, elevating and supporting the injured limb is crucial for minimizing swelling and promoting faster healing. Consider using pillows or cushions to prop up your hand while you sleep. The best orthopedic on Long Island recommends keeping the hand slightly elevated above heart level to reduce inflammation.

Splint or Brace With The Best Orthopedic On Long Island:

Your orthopedic specialist may recommend using a splint or brace to stabilize the broken hand while sleeping. This not only aids in proper alignment but also prevents inadvertent movements that could hinder the healing process. Follow the guidance of the best orthopedic on Long Island regarding the appropriate use of splints or braces during sleep.

Choose the Right Sleeping Position:

Adjusting your sleeping position can make a significant difference in your comfort level. The best orthopedic on Long Island suggests sleeping on your back to avoid putting direct pressure on the injured hand. If back sleeping isn’t comfortable for you, try sleeping on the opposite side of your uninjured hand to minimize movement and potential discomfort.

Contact The Best Orthopedic On Long Island

Sleeping with a broken hand requires careful consideration and adjustments to ensure a restful night’s sleep and optimal healing. By following these tips endorsed by the best orthopedic on Long Island, you can create a comfortable sleep environment that promotes recovery. Remember to prioritize your orthopedic health and consult with Mirza Orthopedics for personalized advice and treatment options.

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