Hand Injuries

You rely heavily on your hands to perform routine tasks daily. From the tips of your fingers to the base of your palms, to the wrists, and up into your arms, numerous bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons work together to provide a wide range of motion and functionality. The sheer frequency with which you use your hands makes them more prone to injury – it also means that when you develop a painful condition or sustain an injury impacting one or more hands, getting treatment is crucial to restoring function and maintaining your everyday routine.


A wide range of possible causes can contribute to hand pain and hand-related problems. No matter what the cause of your hand pain is, a consultation with the orthopedic hand doctors at Mirza Orthopedics is the first step to determining what’s causing this discomfort. We are dedicated to getting you back to your active life with better results and less downtime by using both nonsurgical and advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgeries. If you suffer from hand-related pain, book an appointment with our hand pain specialists today.


What are the common causes of hand pain?

Hand pain and hand-related problems may result from several possible causes.

Potential causes of hand pain may include:

Some hand-related conditions or injuries may not produce painful symptoms, but they can effectively limit your range of motion and hand function. One such hand condition is Dupuytren’s contracture, which can cause the fingers to take on a curved or bent position.


Many things can contribute to hand problems and create hand pain. You must seek an evaluation from an experienced orthopedic hand doctor to get to the bottom of your particular symptoms and learn about your treatment options. Contact our Smithtown office today to schedule an appointment with our top-rated hand specialists and surgeons, Dr. Ather Mirza or Dr. Justin Mirza at Mirza Orthopedics.

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