How To Care For A Broken Hand

A broken hand can be a painful and disruptive injury, impacting your ability to perform everyday tasks. Proper care is crucial for effective healing and preventing long-term complications. If you suspect you have a broken hand, seeking immediate medical attention from Suffolk County orthopedic surgeons at Mirza Orthopedics is essential. Here’s a guide on how to care for a broken hand.

Initial Steps After the InjurySuffolk County orthopedic surgeons

  1. Immobilize the Hand: The first step is immobilizing the hand to prevent further injury. Use a splint or rigid material to stabilize the hand and fingers.
  2. Apply Ice: To reduce swelling and pain, apply ice to the injured area. Wrap the ice pack in a cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin and apply it for 20-minute intervals.
  3. Seek Medical Attention: Visit Mirza Orthopedics as soon as possible. Our orthopedic surgeons will perform a thorough examination, including X-rays, to determine the extent of the fracture and the appropriate treatment plan.

Professional Treatment

  1. Casting or Splinting: Depending on the severity and location of the break, the orthopedic surgeon may apply a cast or splint to immobilize the hand and allow the bones to heal properly.
  2. Pain Management: Your doctor will prescribe pain relief medications to manage discomfort. It’s important to follow the dosage instructions carefully.
  3. Follow-Up Appointments: Regular check-ups with your surgeon at Mirza Orthopedics are crucial to monitor the healing process and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

At-Home Care Tips

  1. Keep the Hand Elevated: Elevating your hand above heart level can help reduce swelling. Use pillows to prop up your hand, especially when sleeping.
  2. Avoid Using the Injured Hand: Do not use the injured hand for daily activities. Use the other hand or seek assistance to avoid straining the broken hand.
  3. Perform Gentle Exercises: Once your orthopedic surgeon gives the green light, start gentle hand exercises to maintain flexibility and strength. These exercises should be done under the guidance of your doctor or a physical therapist.

Long-Term Recovery

Adhering to your doctor’s recommendations is key to a successful recovery. Attend all follow-up appointments at Mirza Orthopedics and immediately report any unusual symptoms, such as increased pain or swelling.

Contact Our Suffolk County Orthopedic Surgeons

Proper care and timely treatment are crucial for effectively healing a broken hand. Suffolk County orthopedic surgeons at Mirza Orthopedics provide comprehensive care, from initial diagnosis to recovery guidance. If you suspect a broken hand, contact Mirza Orthopedics for expert treatment and support to ensure optimal recovery and regain full function of your hand.

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