Is Your Job Causing Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint among workers in various professions, ranging from desk jobs to physically demanding roles. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain and suspect it might be related to your job, consulting a workers’ comp doctor in Hauppauge, such as the specialists at Mirza Orthopedics, can help you get the diagnosis and treatment you need.

Common Job-Related Causes of Shoulder Painworkers’ comp doctor in Hauppauge

  1. Repetitive Motion: Jobs that require repetitive shoulder movements, such as lifting, reaching, or typing, can lead to overuse injuries. These repetitive motions can strain the shoulder muscles and tendons, causing pain and discomfort over time.
  2. Poor Ergonomics: Improper workstation setup is a frequent cause of shoulder pain for office workers. Poor posture, such as slouching or hunching over a desk, can place extra stress on the shoulders and upper back, leading to chronic pain.
  3. Heavy Lifting: Workers in construction, warehousing, and other physically demanding jobs risk shoulder injuries due to heavy lifting and carrying. Incorrect lifting techniques can exacerbate the risk of injuries such as rotator cuff tears or shoulder impingement.

Identifying Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Symptoms of job-related shoulder pain can vary but often include:

  • Persistent ache in the shoulder joint
  • Sharp pain with certain movements
  • Stiffness and reduced range of motion
  • Weakness in the shoulder and arm
  • Swelling or tenderness around the shoulder

Seeking Professional Help

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, seeking professional medical advice is essential. At Mirza Orthopedics, a workers’ comp doctor in Hauppauge can provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of your pain and develop a tailored treatment plan.

Treatment and Prevention Strategies

  1. Medical Treatment: Depending on the diagnosis, treatment options may include physical therapy, medications, or in some cases, surgery. The specialists at Mirza Orthopedics will guide you through the best course of action to alleviate your pain and restore function.
  2. Ergonomic Adjustments: Improving your workstation setup can significantly reduce shoulder pain. Ensure your desk, chair, and computer are positioned correctly to promote good posture and reduce strain.
  3. Strengthening Exercises: Incorporating shoulder-strengthening exercises can help prevent future injuries. Physical therapy can provide you with exercises tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Proper Lifting Techniques: Learn and use proper lifting techniques to avoid unnecessary strain on your shoulders. Bend your knees, keep the load close to your body, and avoid twisting your torso while lifting.

Contact Our Workers’ Comp Doctor In Hauppauge

Shoulder pain can significantly impact your work and quality of life. If you suspect your job is causing shoulder pain, consulting with a workers’ comp doctor in Hauppauge at Mirza Orthopedics can help you identify the cause and find effective treatment solutions. Don’t let shoulder pain go untreated—seek professional advice to ensure a speedy and full recovery.

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