Labrum Tears: What You Should Know

Labrum tears can be painful and cause instability and soreness in the shoulder. Typically, they are the result of athletic or employment injuries. Often the cartilage grows back and heals, but if you need an orthopedic in Patchogue, contact Mirza Orthopedics today! Discover how our team can help you with your injury!

What Is The Labrum?

Essentially, the labrum is a cup-shaped cartilage piece that supports the shoulder’s ball and socket joint. It is responsible for shoulder movement, specifically the arm’s rotation. The labrum’s structure, composition, and position lend it a thorough blood supply. It is well able to heal itself from most injuries with rest and perhaps physical therapy. 

Tearing The LabrumOrthopedic In Patchogue

Normally, the labrum is torn through vigorous, forceful, involuntary movements. These are traditionally most common in sports or strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or accidents in employment. 

There are two main types of tears: 

  • SLAP tear Stands for “superior labrum from anterior to posterior.” This particular tear happens where the labrum connects to the biceps tendon. 
  • Bankart Tear – The dislocation of the shoulder joint results in the apex of the humerus tearing the labrum as it comes out of the socket. This usually happens towards the front or back.

Symptoms Of A Tear 

Aching or dull pain. There will likely be black and blue and difficulty performing normal tasks. Bankart tears may lead to shoulder dislocations, another unfortunate symptom of these tears.


Thankfully, a labrum tear can be treated. Traditionally, most minor labral tears will heal with rest. In a tear that has led to dislocation, such as a Blankart tear, it might even be possible to pop the shoulder back in and then prescribe rest. However, surgery might be necessary if the above fails. Surgery is typically minimally invasive, depending on the type of tear and severity. 

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While labrum tears might be painful and cause discomfort, they can be fixed. If you have a labrum tear, contact an orthopedic in Patchogue, like Mirza Orthopedics, for an appointment today! Discover how our team can help you with your injury!

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