What Triggers Hand Arthritis?

What triggers hand arthritis, and how does it affect you? Arthritis is a joint disease that may affect any joint in the body. This includes the hands, meaning the wrist, fingers, knuckles, or any part of the hand may be affected. The wear of cartilage within the joints causes arthritis. The cartilage becomes worn down and inflamed because there is no cushion between the joints. This may end up leading to inflammation, swelling, pain, and stiffness. It’s essential to know the causes of arthritis and what you can do to prevent and mitigate the symptoms that come along with this condition. If you’re experiencing symptoms of hand arthritis, visit us at Mirza Orthopedics for an orthopedic in Commack! Visit our website to schedule your appointment today.

Causes and Risk Factors of Hand Arthritisorthopedic in commack

The specific cause of hand arthritis remains unknown, there is no evidence to point to anything in specific. However, arthritis is a condition that develops from the wear and tear of the joint and the cartilage in between. This typically occurs over a longer period, however, some people may develop arthritis at an earlier age than others. There is also some evidence that points to a genetic predisposition to arthritis, meaning that if relatives or family members developed arthritis, you are more likely at risk.

A healthy joint is made to operate smoothly without pain. However, with arthritis, there is no cushion, leading to bone-on-bone contact and a sensation of pain and stiffness. Our team at Mirza Orthopedics is here to help! As the best orthopedic in Commack we ensure the quality treatment you’re seeking. Our team has put together a list of risk factors that may lead to the development of arthritis:

  • Genetic predisposition – A family member has degenerative joint pain in the hands
  • If you work a job that requires overuse of the hand or joints within the hands
  • Old age
  • Any injury to the hand

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Arthritis in the hand can be a limiting factor in living your life to the fullest. Don’t allow your joint pain to control your life. Take action and eliminate your pain by taking the first step in your journey. Contact Mirza Orthopedics to ensure you’re able to live your life pain-free! As the highest quality orthopedic in Commack, we promise you’ll be back to the life you deserve. Visit our website today to schedule your appointment.

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