Why Do I Need A Knee Replacement?

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During knee replacement surgery, damaged or worn-out knee joint components are replaced. The procedure may improve the knee’s functionality and reduce pain. Damaged bone and cartilage are replaced during surgery with plastic and metal components. A knee surgeon in Smithtown can evaluate your knee’s strength, stability, and range of motion to determine whether or not you should have a knee replacement. X-rays can assist in determining the degree of damage.

Your age, weight, degree of exercise, the size and form of your knees, and general health will determine the best replacement joints and surgical procedures for you. If you are currently suffering from knee pain or suspect that you may have torn your meniscus, book a consultation with a knee surgeon in Smithtown at Mirza Orthopedics today!


Why it’s done

The most frequent purpose of knee replacement surgery is to relieve arthritis discomfort. Those who require knee replacement surgery frequently struggle to stand up from a chair, walk up steps, and climb stairs.

Surgeons can frequently replace just the injured portion of the knee if it only has one damaged area. The thigh bone and shinbone ends are reshaped, and the entire joint is resurfaced if the entire joint needs to be replaced. These bones are made up of rigid tubes with soft centers. The prosthetic components’ ends are put into the softer middle region of the bones.


During the Procedure with a knee surgeon in Smithtown

An average knee replacement procedure lasts one to two hours. The knee surgeon in Smithtown does the procedure by:

  • creating a cut across the knee
  • removing diseased, damaged, and cartilage-containing bone, leaving healthy bone unharmed
  • fusing the new components to the kneecap, shinbone, and thighbone


After the Procedure

You will spend some time recovering in the recovery area after surgery. The length of your hospital stay following surgery will depend on your specific requirements. On the same day, many folks can return home.

Following knee replacement surgery, there is an increased risk of blood clots. You may need to: 

  • Move early
  • Apply pressure
  • Take blood thinners

You can take part in a variety of low-impact activities after you’ve recovered, such as riding, walking, swimming, golfing, or tennis. However, you should stay away from sports that entail contact or jumping, as well as high-impact exercises like jogging. Discuss how to continue being active after a knee replacement with a knee surgeon in Smithtown Mirza Orthopedics.


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