Knee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY

Knee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY


Mirza Orthopedics is the premier knee surgeon in Kings Park, NY, serving active patients of all ages from Suffolk County, Nassau County, and beyond. Our Smithtown-based practice offers the latest nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for all types of hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions.


We are proud to serve many first responders and public servants who devote their lives to making their communities a better place to live. Whether you have suffered a work-related injury, a sports-related injury, a traumatic accident, or pain from normal wear and tear, Mirza Orthopedics provides compassionate care and technical expertise.


Our Long Island orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Ather Mirza and Dr. Justin Mirza, are dedicated to getting our patients back to their active lives with better results and less downtime. That’s why our day-to-day practice is closely linked to clinical orthopedic research and innovation.


We specialize in cutting-edge minimally invasive procedures for carpal tunnel syndromecubital tunnel syndrome, and distal radius fractures, utilizing proprietary medical devices designed by our physicians. Since 1995, we have been developing intuitive surgical devices in design, providing superior workability for the surgeon and offering patients the benefits of minimally invasive surgery.


If you are suffering from any orthopedic injuries, book an appointment with Mirza Orthopedics. We are open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

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Mirza Orthopedics is Long Island’s leading orthopedic practice specializing in treating all hand, wrist, elbow, knee, and shoulder conditions. We’re dedicated to providing personalized and expert care using the most advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgeries. We’re committed to improving treatment outcomes and finding better ways to fix painful conditions and injuries impacting the hands, knees, and upper extremities. That’s why our Long Island orthopedists have devoted much of their careers to clinical research and developing innovative devices and surgical techniques.

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Common Orthopedic Knee Procedures


Whatever the cause, or time since onset, knee injuries can impede the movement necessary for everyday activities. Knee injuries are prevalent and can be alleviated by limiting risk factors, like cutting excess weight, working on flexibility and strength, and physical therapy. However, some knee injuries carry a multitude of symptoms that need medical attention and surgical procedure. Knee procedures are the expertise of the Knee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY at Mirza Orthopedics, here are 2 of the most common knee procedures they perform daily!


Removal/Repair of a Torn MeniscusKnee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY

The meniscus is C-shaped cartilage in the knee that cushions, stabilizes, and acts as a shock absorber in the joint. A meniscus can tear with any sudden twist, turn, or collision, making this injury common amongst athletes. Surgery is a frequent option for patients with these ailments because complications consist of, the knee buckling-up and giving way, pain and swelling, or a sensation of the knee becoming locked up or stuck. Surgery usually takes less than an hour where the surgeon either:

  • Repairs the meniscus by sewing torn pieces back together.
  • Trims and removes the damaged pieces.

To decide the best option for you and your knee injury, consultation with the expert Knee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY at Mirza Orthopedics is advised!


Knee Replacement

If after assessment by an orthopedic doctor, and failure of other treatments like cortisone shots, physical therapy, and/or weight loss to alleviate pain, knee replacement surgery might be recommended. The surgery includes:

  • The removal of damaged pieces within the entire knee joint.
  • Replacement with new pieces made of materials like metal, ceramic, or plastic. 

Knee replacements can last somewhere between 15 to 20 years depending on the material used, so age is a vital factor to consider when going for surgery or not. Replacement surgery can improve movement while reducing pain.


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If you or a loved one is experiencing any knee discomfort make an appointment with Mirza Orthopedics to get a diagnosis and personalized treatment option! Discover how our team of Knee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY can help you today!

Relieving Knee Pain Without Surgery


The knee is a complex joint. It is the meeting point for many major bones, muscles, and ligaments, and its functionality is essential to many everyday activities. Thus, pain in the area can be quite serious. Seeking immediate medical care is essential when any pain is experienced. While surgery is sometimes the best route to reaching full recovery, there are many other treatment options that you may find effective. Visiting Mirza Orthopedics to consult with a knee surgeon in Kings Park, NY is the first step to finding the best treatment for your knee pain.


Knee Pain TreatmentsKnee surgeon in Kings Park, NY

With the complexity of the knee comes a variety of ways that it could bring about pain. You may experience swelling, stiffness, weakness, or a popping sensation, and causes could range anywhere from a sports injury to arthritis. This wide range of possibilities highlights how important it is to visit a knee surgeon in Kings Park, NY before making any assumptions. A medical professional is needed to decide which kind of treatment is most suitable. While surgery may be ideal, there are many nonsurgical treatment options. Here are some of the most common:


Home Remedies

If your knee injury is determined as not being severe, you may be able to relieve the pain yourself. Here are some techniques for helping care for knee pain at home:

  • Over-the-counter medications – ibuprofen or naproxen sodium
  • Topical treatments – numbing creams containing lidocaine or capsaicin
  • R.I.C.E. – Resting, icing, compression, and elevation of the knee
  • Heat – applying heat to the knee



Injections made directly into the knee may be suggested. These may include:

  • Hyaluronic acid – lubricates joints to improve mobility and decrease pain
  • Corticosteroids – help reduce arthritis flare symptoms and pain
  • Platelet-rich plasma – reduces inflammation and helps with healing
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy techniques may be implemented to increase the knee’s stability. Exercises can help support the knee by strengthening its surrounding muscles. Improving flexibility and balance will help with protecting the knee later on. It is also important to work on correcting any movement which may have been hurting your knee. Wearing a brace may be suggested to help support the joint.


Prescribed Medications

Aside from over-the-counter medications, your doctor may prescribe medications to reduce pain or to treat the condition that is found to cause your pain.


Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture can help reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.


Mirza Orthopedics’ Knee Surgeon in Kings Park, NY

Mirza Orthopedics is the leading orthopedic practice on Long Island, featuring our knee surgeon in Kings Park, NY. We are an experienced team ready to evaluate your knee pain and find the most effective treatment option for you. With our specialized care and technical expertise, we are here to guide you on your path to recovery. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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