Speeding Up Recovery With Knee Injections

Knee injuries can be a major setback, impacting mobility, comfort, and overall quality of life. Whether it’s a sports-related trauma, a degenerative condition, or an accident, finding effective rehabilitation strategies is crucial for swift recovery. Among the array of treatment options available, knee injections emerge as a powerful tool in expediting rehabilitation. Mirza Orthopedics offers knee injections in Smithtown and understands the significance of timely and comprehensive care in getting you back on your feet. 

Understanding Knee InjectionsKnee Injections in Smithtown

Knee injections, including cortisone shots, are designed to target inflammation, reduce pain, and promote healing in the affected area. These injections deliver potent corticosteroids and sometimes local anesthetics directly into the knee joint or surrounding tissues. Knee injections in Smithtown alleviate discomfort and create a conducive environment for rehabilitation efforts.

Knee Injections to Speed Up Rehabilitation After Injury

One of the primary benefits of knee injections is their ability to expedite rehabilitation efforts. By swiftly addressing inflammation and pain, these injections allow patients to engage in physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises more comfortably and effectively. Whether you’re recovering from a ligament sprain, tendonitis, bursitis, or arthritis, knee injections in Smithtown can complement your rehabilitation regimen, facilitating faster recovery and improved functional outcomes. Physical Therapy is one of the supplementary treatments combined with a cortisone shot. 


Before administering the cortisone shot, an orthopedic surgeon at Mirza Orthopedics will cleanse your skin using an alcohol or iodine-based solution. After this, they will apply a numbing lotion or spray to ensure minimal discomfort during the procedure. Once prepared, the injection will be administered, typically causing only mild pain or discomfort. In cases where the injection targets a joint with excess fluid, the doctor may opt to first extract the surplus fluid. Your doctor will determine the frequency of cortisone injections.

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